After Hours Gallery 


Fulfilling My Life Despite Chronic Pain

September 5 – November 3, 2017

From Kathy Reid, Nurse Practitioner (Pediatric Chronic Pain Program):

Being a teenager living with chronic pain is often a difficult journey.  Here at the Stollery Pediatric Chronic Pain clinic we work with teenagers who have chronic, difficult to manage pain, to help them live a fulfilling life despite their pain.  We have created a very unique program that integrates cognitive behavioural therapy treatment with high school completion through a course called Chronic Pain 35.  As part of this course, teens complete a project which reflects their learning of their own pain and how they express that pain. 
 We are very pleased to be hosting our very first Art Show, of projects completed by the teens!  The projects include visual and written representations about what it is like to live a life with pain, and what they wish others understood about them and about their pain. 
 We invite you to stop by the gallery when you are here at the [hospital] to view their works!  The teens would appreciate it.