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"This Art Makes Me Feel...": Conversations with Guest Speakers

November 9, 5-7pm

What elements of artwork in health care settings are most effective in enhancing patients’ well-being? What art can benefit health care workers by contributing positively to the hospital environment? These are some of the questions McMullen Gallery's current exhibition “This Art Makes Me Feel… ” seeks to explore.

Guest Speakers will complete the sentence "This Art Makes Me Feel...", addressing an individual artwork of their choosing, providing insight from their professional and personal perspectives. 

Guest Speakers Include:
Dr. Pamela Brett McLean - Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, and Director, Art & Humanities in Health & Medicine Program (AHHM)
April Dean -  Exhibiting Artist, Executive Director of SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists), University of Alberta Instructor

Krista Marsden - MA Health Promotion (Focused on the intersection of Health and Art), Former Provincial Coordinator for Healing Arts in Cancer Control.

Dr. Brian Stonehocker - Psychiatrist, University of Alberta Hospital, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry - University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry