Temper Talk - Jes McCoy


July 9 - September 4, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday July 15, 7 - 9pm

Temper Talk features prints, sculptures and interactive installations from Calgary-based artist Jes McCoy:

“The simple act of communicating can aid in the alleviation of stress and anxiety; hence the saying, “a weight has been lifted” when someone tells the truth or shares their feelings. I believe however, that sometimes it is not that simple to just speak up.

Hegel once wrote that our voice is the mode in which our inner most selves is exhaled from our bodies and that speaking with another person is the communion of souls – wonderfully elegant and yet supremely stifling all at the same time. We all experience times when our voice gets caught in our throats, when we get stage fright, when we swallow our words, when it is simply not easy to speak up or speak out. It is possible that in those moments we miss opportunities and chances to say what we really need to say.

This exhibition seeks to express a camaraderie with those missed moments and to simultaneously facilitate a place to communicate with the people in our lives that we have not, or cannot speak to in person. When interacting with this work you can imagine how it might inspire hellos, goodbyes, apologies and the communion of souls.”