The Lake - Pamela Thurston

March 4 - April 23, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday March 8, 12-2pm

Pamela Thurston’s paintings are simple statements about the joy of being still; of simply seeing and being aware of a connection with place. The images speak in mystical tones, not only because of her own sense of wonder in the face of nature, but because of the time in her life when they were created. Viewers are asked to slow down and sense the inner peace that the landscape near the artist’s home provided during a time of stress and loss.

In 2013 Thurston’s mother was very ill. Her mother lived in Vancouver and so she was, inescapably, distanced from her:

“I travelled to her side as often as I could, but between trips to the coast, I walked the shores of Pigeon Lake, and I painted. Although I was hundreds of kilometers away, my daily commune with sky, water and ice helped me to feel I was close to her. My daily walks provided me with not only solace but focus and purpose.
As I walked, I recorded nuances of light, colour, line and mood, in my mind and with my smartphone.  I took the feeling of the lake to my studio, and there the work provided me with expression for my sense of aloneness and of hope during the 13 months that my mother was ill. As I worked, I was acutely aware of the gratitude and love that I have for my mother and for the gifts she shared with me. Through my mother’s example, I learned to appreciate the natural world. She taught me the joys of being still and of noticing the small and the mysterious in nature; she taught me to sense subtleties and to feel wonder.”

Thurston feels fortunate to live near the shores of a prairie lake, but for most people, going to “the lake” means a short time of respite from the stresses of work and city life. This exhibit hopes to replicates the restful experience of being at the shore side and to provides viewers a kind of sanctuary, a venue for engaging with the solace that can be inspirational. The subject matter is imbued with the respect felt for the mysteries of nature and it expresses a presence beyond physical form. The paintings speak of reverence for life; a joy ironically felt much more strongly when we are touched by loss. 

Pamela Thurston is represented by Scott Gallery. All works featured in The Lake Are courtesy of Scott Gallery. 

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